Conceived for collectors, the Louis Vuitton Miniature Set is a fragrant feast for the senses. Containing five small bottles of their signature scents for men, this classic collection is the perfect gift for those who enjoy a little adventure. Choose a favorite for daywear, or mix it up throughout the week. Pack just one for the summer getaway or free your wild side and take them all! All five 10ml bottles sit in a sleek and minimal presentation box that is perfect for gifting.

Each unique fragrance in the Louis Vuitton Miniature Set has been carefully crafted by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Inspired by travel, adventure, and exploration, the collection of five perfumes takes your senses on a journey that’s impossible to forget. Ginger, grapefruit, and amber are combined to create the crisp scent of L’Immensité. Nouveau Monde sees raw cocoa bean blended with an extremely rare oud assam to evoke memories of travels across Africa. Orage commands attention with powerful notes of patchouli and iris. Citrus, bergamot and Peruvian balsam are brought together to create the fresh, lively aroma of Sur la Route. And finally, spicy variations of cardamom and sandalwood are brought together to create the unmistakable scent of Au Hasard. This classic collection of Louis Vuitton fragrances is the truly perfect gift for the adventurous man.