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Mixology Life – The Infuser


Infused drinks are becoming a very creative alternative to experiment unique combinations of flavors. Beyond the usual shaken or stirred cocktails, there are a wide variety of alternatives using liquor and fresh fruits or other ingredients to create amazing new cocktails. Mixology Life's "The Infuser" is perfect for imbibing special ingredients to make custom molecular cocktails and other gastronomy delights. Using The Infuser, molecular mixologists have created cocktails by adding herbs, teas, peels, dried flowers and other aromatics to the top glass container. The bottom container is filled with the desired alcohol mix with water and simple syrup. When the liquor in the bottom container enters the top, it becomes infused with the flavors and aroma of the unique ingredients you selected. Infuse your creation right at the table or bar and served directly from the bottom container, making a unique cocktail experience that will amaze!

Bruno Giacosa – Barolo le Rocche del Falletto


With less than 15,000 bottles made each year, Barolo le Rocche wine is aged nearly 30 years in large barrels. It's warm and velvet palate has hints of black truffles, spices and chocolate. Its grapes are also harvested each year in early October to ensure the best tasting product. Crafted from 100% Nebbiolo and selected from four parcels of the Falletto vineyard, this still wine is a must-have for your holiday parties.

Coravin – Wine Gadget


You’ll be popping bottles long past the holiday season with the Coravin wine gadget! The new Model Eleven is the first automatic, Bluetooth-capable preservation system from Coravin. Features include a new color LED display, automatic pour, a “virtual cellar” and wine needle. You can even sync the gadget to your Coravin app to check stats and create “moments” with your favorite pairings.

Riedel – Black Tie Decanter


The handmade decanter distinguishes by an elegant and elaborated design. DRESS CODE BLACK TIE: A simple way to make great occasions even more elegant and extravagant! Its extraordinarily beautiful shape thrills people all around the world. Every piece is unique, made by hand, mouth-blown from crystal glass and with a black tie. RIEDEL whole-heartedly believes all wines (young and old, red, white or sparkling) - can be enhanced by decanting.